I love this song… 

I always see Alfred gettin’ a guitar and jammin’ out to this song and Arthur’s just like, “Really?” 

A few Hetalia Character Headcanons:

Arthur Kirkland / England - He has freckles on his face, but he covers them up every day with cover up. 

Alfred F. Jones / America - He can wiggle his ears, so when he smiles, his ears go up. Also, in the summer time, he gets very light freckles on his face and arms.

Francis Bonnefoy / France - He is pansexual, because love is love no matter what the form. This means he’s not a slut. :T

Matthew Williams / Canada - Even though he’s really quiet, and no one notices him, his mind is always filled with sexually naughty things, and he has a tendency to act on these naughty things.

Antonio Hernendez Carriedo / Spain - When he smiles, his nose wrinkles up slightly.

Lovino Vargas / Romano - He has a crooked smile. He’s only ever slept with Spain. He chews in his sleep, so Antonio has subconsciously learned to sleep with his finger in Lovino’s mouth to avoid him getting over bite and slack jaw.

Feliciano Vargas / Italy - If he’s not clung to something in his sleep, he tosses and turns all night. This is why he prefers sleeping with someone. 

Matthias / Denmark - He sleeps like a board.

Lukas / Norway - He sleeps all over the place.

Erik / Iceland - He’s a major masochist.

Aaron / Hong Kong - He’s okay with Erik’s masochism because he’s kinda sadistic.

Wang Yao / China - When he sleeps, due to his hardships in the past, he curls up into a ball even now. 

Tino Vinamoinen / Finland - He is one of the two most insane characters in the series, and Antonio is the other. 

Berwald Oxenterna / Sweden - He actually has quite a lot of emotions all the time, he just has no idea how to show any of them most of the time. 

Feliks Lukasiewicz / Poland - He has a server case of Social Anxiety, which is why strangers terrify him. He’s afraid they are judging him. However, when it counts, he can pull off incredible things. Also, when he’s mad or being super serious, the “like”s, “totally”s, “radical”s, and things all fall out of his speech.

Ivan Braginsky / Russia - He’s drunk all the time, this is because he’s a happy but controlled drunk. If he weren’t drunk, his anger management issues would take control and he’d beat the shit out of a lot of people.

25 some years later:
16 year old daughter: Hey mom, what's Hetalia?
Me: *sets the paper I have in my hand down* Hetalia? As in the anime?
Daughter: Yeah. I found this book in the book shelf. *lays volume one of Hetalia on the desk*
Me: *fond smile* Well, Hetalia is a story that an ingenious man came up where he personified all the countries in the world. It started out as just a little web comic... *flips through the book* But once fans started to multiply and grow, it became something much more. It became a means for people from all over the world to get along. It sparked historical interest in the minds of the readers, who before Hetalia, had none. But most importantly, I think, Hetalia showed how it doesn't matter about your background, your ethnicity, your race, your way of life, that if you can look past all those differences, forget past grudges, and just learn to except people for who they are, and not what they are...then we can all live more peaceful lives. *hands the book back*
Daughter: ...*blinks* I thought it was a comedy...
Me: *chuckle* It's that too.
Hetalia Headcanon

During the American Civil War, another personification did not appear to represent the Confederacy. Because the Confederacy was still largely America, and kept a lot of the same goals and aspirations, Alfred did not split. Instead, Alfred developed a second personality that, to this day, he claims was a separate being from his own. He says that he met with this “other America” several times, but in reality, it was dreams he was having in which his two personalities would manifest in his mind and “meet”. 

Other countries, like Arthur, Tino, and Matthew, have tried to explain this to Alfred several times, but each time he just says something like, “No you’re wrong, the Confederacy is still running around somewhere. Probably in South Carolina no doubt.” This scares his friends a bit, they don’t want to see him break down like that ever again, even if America was lucky by getting away with just one Civil War.

It’s amazing…

I actually feel like I miss fictional characters…

what is wrong with me?

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